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Offering Outsourced Work in Progress Reports

A Work In Progress (WIP) report is a section of a company’s balance statement that contains an accounting timetable.

Each accounting period should have a computed work in progress report that follows GAAP guidelines.

On projects that employ the Percentage of Completion (POC) accounting system, these reports are necessary.

The WIP report typically includes current period and project-to-date financial information that explain each contract that the company is working on, but the format varies by company.

When the various project WIPs are added together, the WIP schedule is used as a financial reporting tool to demonstrate whether you are “over- or under-billed and cash positive or negative” for all projects and the organization as a whole.

forecastingForecasting cash flow using Work In Progress (WIP)

Using standard spreadsheets and tracking expenditures after the fact is a bad business technique known as “managing through the rearview mirror” in professional project management circles.

Making cash flow decisions for the present and future based on prior project experience is analogous to closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

The WIP schedule keeps track of project information such contract value, current costs, total expected costs, and project billing.

The work-in-progress schedule is a strategic tool that provides a picture of your profitability on a job-by-job basis.

This information enables the organization to receive a comprehensive picture of all ongoing projects and make informed management decisions.

As a task develops, the WIP report raises warning flags in cases of under-billing and excessive percentages of incurred costs, giving you time to examine, adapt, and make improvements.

A weekly WIP report can help a company stay “ahead of the contract,” increase profitability, and improve a contractor’s business reputation, all of which can lead to more future business prospects.

work in progressUsing a work-in-progress to enhance timeliness

Finally, one of the most effective ways for construction companies to optimize their operations is to complete accounting duties swiftly while ensuring that all expenditures and revenues are recorded in the correct accounting period.

The WIP schedule can be a useful tool for identifying inefficiencies in construction operations and gaining a better understanding of firm performance and profitability aspects.

WIP schedules that have been strategically constructed include both standard and descriptive columns that highlight the crucial elements of all contracts in progress and allow for more meaningful analysis.


Work In Progress Schedules are one of the most useful tools a business owner can use to keep track of his or her operations on a weekly/monthly basis.

Understanding these points makes it much easier to construct, read, and comprehend the Work In Progress Schedule.

For our clients, UptoDate Bookkeeping creates and maintains these items

on a weekly and monthly basis. We can assist you in integrating these tools into your company.