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What Exactly Is Job Costing?

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Bookkeeping Company MinneapolisThere is an efficient way to create a good representation of organizational expenditures that is called job costing. It refers to the calculated amounts that referred to overhead, the cost of labor, and materials that are related to running a business that produces and manufactures products. The calculations can be complex, yet they will lead to a much better overview of how to complete work orders as well as the entire job process. It will look at the total cost of certain industries, allowing you to streamline the entire process of running your organization.
There are many advantages to job costing which are presented below;
The job costing system and time allocation information are essential for all managers that are responsible for the operations of a company. Organizations are able to calculate how much each job is contributing to profitability. This is going to help evaluate what other employees will do, helping them to streamline and prioritize everything that they are responsible for doing, plus provide more profit and satisfaction for that business. This is a highly efficient way to handle customer orders, but it can be also used for individual workplace operations, statistical interpretation of data, and helping with the structured way that a business operates.
Time allocation, as well as job costing, helps employers evaluate the performance levels and achievements of each employee. This is a little bit different than what is called process costing, although many people think this is similar to some degree. The primary difference is that the information that is provided overviews entire departments or teams, whereas job costing helps you determine the productivity, efficiency, and cost control aspects of each individual employee. By doing so, if a particular employee is not meeting their own objectives, they can be immediately notified. This is very handy when you are going to do an evaluation of employees.
If you want to calculate expenses that are accrued daily, pertaining to specific jobs, this will give you the opportunity to do so by looking at the services, items, and the cost per operation for each position and their overall requirements. By formulating and finding this type of information in a summary format, you can design strategies that can help reduce the cost of running your business and develop methods of control that can allow a business to become much more efficient and properly monitor the activities of their employees in the most efficient way possible.
Flexibility And Accuracy
It is also important to look at the indirect costs related to running a business. If you are not able to do so, it’s very difficult to look at the various variables of your business and calculate how much it is costing you to remain open. This can be done by using algorithms that can trace the cost of operations automatically, and it can be very helpful for both employers and managers. There is a considerable amount of time and resources that can go into the systems, but when done properly, this can lead to the best information without having to worry about a complex calculation system that may not work at all.

Why Virtual Accounting Is The Future

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payroll services minnesotaAccounting is always necessary when you have a business. Some business owners will do this on their own, whereas others will hire a professional accountant. Typically, people will do their taxes with an accountant. This is someone they will sit down with, discuss their finances, and subsequently signed papers to pay their taxes or receive a refund. However, due to changes in global society, it may now be necessary to pursue virtual accounting as the most idyllic way of maintaining this industry.

How This Can Be Beneficial

When the Internet was first introduced in the 1990s, people wondered if doing online sales would be a fad. Some assumed that the potential for online sales would dwindle and disappear. Fast-forward two decades and we see that billions of dollars of online sales are happening year after year. It is becoming the standard way by which people choose to make their purchases. It simply easier to order something from a website and have it sent to you. In the same way, accounting can also be done through a virtual network.

Is This Risky?

There is always the potential of risk when it comes to transferring content online. Some may prefer to bring their information on a disk to be transferred directly. However, secured connections use very high-grade encryption which can protect vital information about any business. As long as the accountant that you are working for provides this secure route, transferring your documents digitally should not be a problem.

How To Transition From Physical To Digital Accounting

Transitioning from physically interacting with an accountant to a completely digital relationship is happening even today. People are realizing how easy it is to get their taxes done online. Interacting with an accountant is no different. As people become more comfortable with online transactions, it will simply be one of the many things that we all do on the web. In time, offices for accountants may not even be necessary because everything will be virtual.

As time progresses, this need to conduct business online will continue to grow. People are starting to see how financially applicable this is. The need for traveling to meetings, trainings, or even meeting with clients is falling to the wayside. In its place will be virtual trainings and meetings, as well as business interactions that can be conducted through digital files and face-to-face communication. Virtual accounting certainly is the future, and it is a future that we are currently developing right now. To learn more about this new way of doing accounting, please visit: www.uptodatebookkeeping.com

The Importance Of Maintaining Accurate Financial Records For Your Business

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Bookkeeping Company MinneapolisAccuracy and precision are essential when it comes to keeping financial records for your business. Tracking your financial picture provide you with valuable information that can help guide your decisions as your business grows. Knowing exactly where you stand financially at all times is essential if you want to achieve success.

Precision Matters

When dealing with financial data, precision is essential. Even the tiniest numbers need to be carefully tracked. Your company’s assets begin to depreciate the minute that you buy them. Tracking this depreciation is an important part of keeping up with your financial records. You also need to keep detailed records of all of your income. That doesn’t mean just writing down how much money is coming in. Instead, your income needs to be split out into cash receipts and accounts receivable so that you have an accurate idea of exactly where your money is.

Staying On Top Of Taxes

Businesses of all sizes are responsible for paying taxes on their earnings. The tax rates can be quite high – especially for businesses that are bringing in a lot of money. If you don’t accurately track and pay your taxes, you could find yourself facing a huge tax bill at the end of the year. To avoid this problem, pay your taxes as you go.

Catching Mistakes

One of the best things about keeping accurate financial records is that it allows you to catch mistakes or errors early on. That way, you can correct them before they grow into a significant problem for your business.

Keeping Investors Happy

If people have invested money in your business, keeping good financial records is even more important. Records like these are an essential component in the trust-building process and can help ease any worries or fears for investors.

Staying On Top Of Payment Cycles

Keeping detailed, accurate financial records is also important when it comes to keeping up with your accounts payable and accounts receivable cycles.

Tasks like tracking your inventory, paying out wages, and managing your bills all need to be taken care of in a timely manner. Without detailed financial records, keeping up with these duties is far more difficult. A good example can be seen with a business loan. Instead of just sending in your monthly payment, it is important to figure out how much of that payment is going to the loan’s principal and how much is going to interest. To do that, you need to accurately track the data.

Guiding The Decision-Making Process

Ultimately, every decision that you make for your business should be as well-informed as possible. Financial issues play a key role in most major decisions that businesses make. The more accurate your records are, the easier it will be for you to decide on a course of action.

Any inaccuracies in your financial data, on the other hand, can negatively affect your business. Oftentimes, problems aren’t noticed until significant damage has already occurred.

Tracking your company’s finances isn’t very stimulating. However, it is one of the most important things that you can do for the future of your business. Maintaining detailed financial records also can prevent you from inadvertently breaking the law.

Differences Between The Duties Of A Bookkeeper And An Accountant


PAYROLL SERVICESBookkeeper vs Accountant

A bookkeeper is an individual who doesn’t have an accountancy college degree but deals with data entry tasks such as processing payroll data, ensuring statements are mailed to the customer, making ready the sales invoice, ensuring payment of bills, and entering bills made by vendors. On the other hand, an accountant has acquired a professional accounting degree and will carry on with the operations done by the bookkeeper. A few examples include:

– Preparing the company’s financial statement such as cash flow statement, balance sheet, and income statement.
– Adjusting entries in order to record the expenses that the bookkeeper failed to enter. These could include employees’ earned wages that require to be processed the following week and bank loans’ interests since the previous bank payment.
– They also help the management to comprehend the financial impact made by its past and future choices.

Bookkeeper vs Accountant: Key Differences

This list contains the detailed differences between the two careers:

1. Bookkeepers are needed for evaluating, quantifying, recording and later classification of financial transactions. Accountants, on the other hand, are needed to summarize, explain and convey the latest financial transactions as filed in the ledger account.

2. Bookkeepers are never tasked to come up with financial statements. However, accountants are paid to come up with financial statements.

3. When it comes down to the exclusiveness of financial decisions, it is usually impossible to rely on book-keeping records but considered with accountant records.

4. Bookkeepers mostly use tools like Ledgers and Journals while that of accountants are Income statements, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, etc.

5. Generally, the senior management doesn’t get involved with the bookkeepers, but when it comes to accountants, they could be interested in their functioning since they need the information so as to make better future management decisions.

6. With bookkeepers, no special skills are required since a lot of the activities are usually mechanical in nature. Accountants, on the other hand, need specialized analytical skills since there’s a high complexity level involved in keeping the books of accounts safe. To be an accountant, you’ll need a professional accounting degree as well as some past work experience in accounting.

Making sure the financial records are properly organized and the finances correctly balanced out by the bookkeeper, together with smart financial planning and timely tax filing by the accountant, directly accounts to the long-term success that each business needs.

Why you should hire a bookkeeper for your business

Bookkeeping Company MinneapolisThere can be no doubt that having a skilled bookkeeper on hand to assist your business has numerous benefits. Your company is growing and you need to pay attention to your business and handling Bookkeeping is taking up way too much of your time.

A bookkeeping firm is a good choice as there are multiple people that can assist you when needed. You won’t encounter service gaps that you might find with a freelance bookkeeper or even having one bookkeeper in house. Having sales and expense data properly categorized allows business owners to see where they are spending and making money.

How to determine if I need to hire a Bookkeeper

1. You are too busy categorizing transactions and are not focusing enough on your business
2. You are behind on collecting your accounts receivables
3. You are behind on sending out client invoices
4. You have a desk full of bills and receipts on your desk
5. You have too many accounts that inhibit you from gaining any business insights
6. You don’t have a clear idea of what you’re spending or making
7. You are spending more than 5 hours a month on bookkeeping.

The benefits of hiring a bookkeeper

A bookkeeper will provide you with regular finance updates, a clear Profit & Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet which will free you up to handle what you do best – run your business.

Ever wonder how much money you have – what is coming in – when it will arrive? A bookkeeper will provide you with a Cash Flow Statement. It will tell you who owes you money, how much they owe you and when you will get paid. You now have a snapshot of your business and how it is doing. Having this type is information takes time and takes you away from your business.

Another benefit is that you are assured that your books are accurate. You no longer have to worry that you have entered information correctly and that at tax time you won’t be scrambling to locate all of the correct information. Bookkeepers have the knowledge and experience to keep your finances organized and current.

Are you ready to focus on your business more and leave the bookkeeping to a professional? Give us a call today and schedule a consultation. Let us provide you with the freedom to do what you started out to do – run and grow your business.

Thinking about hiring an outside company to do your Payroll?

payroll services minnesotaThere are many benefits that you can expect from hiring an payroll service company. It allows you to make savings and free up time to use in other aspects of your business. Outsourcing tasks that are not the core services of the business can be a good idea, both for small and big businesses. Having an internal department to deal with these services can be more expensive than outsourcing to a third party. Additional costs like training also adds to the cost of an internal payroll department. Payroll presents challenges to businesses regardless of the size.

What can a payroll company do for you?

Payroll companies specialize in payroll service. We will make sure that employees are paid on time and all the legal obligations are met. Our focus is on payroll and human resource tasks, and this ensures that we will take the worry out of the payroll processes. You will now have the chance to focus on your business instead of having to worry about how and when your employees will get paid.

Payroll is more than just writing checks and making payments through direct deposit. Payroll companies are tasked with handling a wide range of duties such as;

• Monitoring employee time and attendance
• Ensuring overtime pay is paid
• Setting up and making adjustments to direct deposit accounts
• Calculating payroll taxes and ensuring correct deductions
• Integrating third-party 401 (k) and benefit plans
• Compliance with federal and state payroll laws
• Electronic payroll records to both employers and employees

We provide systems that ensure all necessary information has been captured. Employees are also able to log in and view, print and save pay stubs.

We will give you peace of mind.