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bookkeeping services

bookkeeping servicesBookkeeping is without a doubt the backbone of the financial system of small business. It’s a process that involves recording, organizing and storing financial and accounting documents such as ledgers, financial statements, journals, income tax records and much more. In this read, we are going to take a look at the various services that bookkeepers provide.

Payroll Services

Companies with several to many employees usually find it hard to create an maintain an ideal payroll. Having a payroll in place that’s both accurate and done on time is crucial to running a business. It is easy to violate both civil and criminal laws by having a faulty payroll and that’s why it is imperative to have it done properly by professional bookkeepers.

Tax Preparation

This is a service that involves sorting out through tax forms, documents and receipts in order to prepare and accurate tax return. It ideally involves using the tax year’s rules in order to come up with the best solution. This is one of the most common and essential services to be done properly and that’s why it is crucial to have a professional bookkeeper on the task.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

This is simply the handling of records, tax filings and books of a company. In addition to a monthly tally, some bookkeepers also provide weekly, quarterly or even annual breakdowns of revenues and expenditures. Such a detailed analysis is very useful as it helps you get a financial overview of your company’s money.

These services can also include:

  1. Creating vital financial documents
  2. Monitoring bank accounts for both legitimate and fraudulent transactions
  3. Altering for suspicious transactions and overdrawn accounts
  4. Creating and implementing a budget.

Corporation Setup

Whether you are self-employed, looking to launch a startup or own a family business, it is important that you know how to incorporate during the initial stages. The primary advantage of a corporation set up is allowances for deductions and lenient taxes. The benefits can even extend to asset protection, benefits for employees, etc. depending on the state.

Financial Services

Bookkeepers are also tasked with preparing financial statements including but not limited to balance sheets, income statements, owner or shareholder equity and cash flow statements. The purpose of these statements should be an accurate and easy to read snapshot of the finances of the company for the past, present and future.

These are the main services that bookkeepers offer. It is important to have one on your side if you want your business to be on the safe side and run smoothly.

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