Are your posters up to date?

Experts in the workplace advise businesses to double-check any required federal posters that they display. Recent regulatory changes led to modifications to posters this year. HR departments should review the rules to ensure they are posting the most recent notices.

know the rules! stamp. sign. sealThe Society for Human Resource Management has updated the Know your rights: Workplace discrimination is illegal poster to include pregnant workers.

Fairness Act comes into effect on June 27,

The SHRM says that the laws relating to pumping break for nursing employees applied only to nonexempt staff. Now they apply to all workers, including exempt ones. The Labor Department has updated the relevant FLSA poster in order to reflect this.

According to SHRM, employers now have a third important change: a FMLA poster which clarifies that, even though FMLA leaves are unpaid, they can require their employees to take paid leave provided by the employer at the same time.

We can help you understand the complicated rules for federal and local posters. We will ensure that you get the right poster for your situation. Some states may, for instance, require bilingual posters. Be aware that the government may impose harsh penalties if you do not comply with their requirements.